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Marilisa Beatty, Founder & Principal of Key Qualitative, Inc., is an experienced moderator and project leader.  Marilisa established Key Qualitative to enhance the success of small, mid-sized, and large market research firms, as well as individual researchers.  

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The Key Qual brand is dedicated to the pursuit of good research, and exists to help researchers succeed. Key Qualitative does not work directly with end-clients such as pharmaceutical manufacturers or consumer brands.  Rather, Key Qualitative, Inc. is structured to partner with research vendors specifically. 

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Marketing research Consulting

Key Qualitative, Inc.

- Global and domestic qualitative research  

- Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

- Consumer Research  

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Key Messages is an online message testing tool, adding engagement, speed, and cost-savings to your next messaging study.  See what Key Messages can do for you by scheduling a free demo.